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Title, PI & Co-I Sponsor Sector Discipline
Refinement of the fishing vessel drills (FVdrills) safety iOS application
PI: Leigh McCue-Weil, Co-Is: Jerry Dzugan, Maria T. Bulzacchelli (Start date: Aug 2014)
Northeast Center for Agricultural, Forestry and Fishing Safety and Health  Fishing Safety
Sikuliaq Seakeeping Study
PI: Leigh McCue-Weil (Start date: July 2014)
University of Alaska at Fairbanks  Fishing Safety
Investigating the impact of ergonomic injury risk on productivity, and quality
PI: Michael J. Agnew, Co-I: Maury A. Nussbaum (Start date: Feb 2014)
The Boeing Company Manufacturing Musculoskeletal Disorders
Effects of Pesticide Exposure on Postural Control
PI: Maury A. Nussbaum, Co-Is: Michael L. Madigan, Sunwook Kim (Start date: March 2013)
Wake Forest University Medical Center  Agriculture Slips/Trips/Falls
Safety and Ergonomics Training
PD/PI: Maury Nussbaum, Co-Directors: Deborah Young-Corbett (Start date: July 2005; renewed 2013)
NIOSH Construction  
Prevention Through Design (PtD) Adoption Readiness: Control of Health Hazards in Construction
PI: Deborah Young-Corbett (Start date: Sept 2012)
NIOSH Construction Industrial Hygiene
Aging, Neuromuscular Behavior and Risk of Occupational Low Back Pain
PI: Babak Bazrgari, Co-Is: Maury Nussbaum, Deborah Reed, William Elder, Richard Kryscio (Start date: July 2012)
NIOSH / University of Kentucky  Cross Sector Musculoskeletal Disorders
Ergonomic Research on Manufacturing Tasks
PI: Maury Nussbaum, Co-I: Michael Agnew (Start date: June 2012)
Ford, Boeing, Equipois, Inc.  Manufacturing Musculoskeletal Disorders
Effects of Obesity and Age on Balance and Fall Risk – Implications for Safety Guidelines
PI: Michael Madigan, Co-Is: Maury Nussbaum, Michael Agnew, Daniel Hindman (Start date: Sept 2011)
NIOSH  Cross Sector Slips/Trips/Falls
A Decision Support System for Ergonomic Construction Design
PI: Maury Nussbaum, Co-Is: John Shewchuk, Michael Agnew (Start date: Sept 2009)
NIOSH  Construction Musculoskeletal Disorders
Dust-control Usage: Strategic Technology Intervention (DUSTI)
PI: Deborah Young-Corbett, Co-I: C. Ted Koebel (Start date: Sept 2009)
NIOSH  Construction Industrial Hygiene
Preventing Falls from Elevation Caused by Joist Buckling
PI: Daniel Hindman, Co-I: Maury Nussbaum (Start date: Aug 2007)
NIOSH Construction
Prototype decision support system to increase efficiencies and worker health
PI: Maury Nussbaum, Co-I: John Shewchuk (Start date: Sept 2004)
NIOSH  Construction Musculoskeletal Disorders