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OSHRC projects have been published in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and as theses and dissertations.

Recent Publications

Updated: March 2022

New!  Kim, S., Nussbaum, M. A. & Smets, M. (2022) User Acceptance, and Health Outcomes of Arm-Support Exoskeleton Use in Automotive Assembly, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 64(3): 202-211.

New!  Islam, M. S., & Lim, S. (2022). Vibrotactile feedback in virtual motor learning: A systematic review. Applied Ergonomics, 101, 103694.

Tsao, L., Kim, S., Ma, L. & Nussbaum, M. A. (2021). An exploratory study comparing three work-rest schedules during simulated repetitive precision work, Ergonomics, 64(12): 1579-1594.

Park, J. H., Kim, S., Nussbaum, M. A. & Srinivasan, D. (2022). Effects of back-support exoskeleton use on gait performance and stability during level walking, Gait & Posture, 92: 181-190.

Kim, S., Nussbaum, M. A. , Smets, M. & Ranganathan, S. (2021) Effects of an arm‐support exoskeleton on perceived work intensity and musculoskeletal discomfort: An 18‐month field study in automotive assembly, American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 64(11): 905-914.

Park, H., Kim, S., Nussbaum, M. A. & Srinivasan, D. (2022) Effects of using a whole-body powered exoskeleton during simulated occupational load-handling tasks: A pilot study, Applied Ergonomics, 98(1): 103589 (12 pages).