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Theses and Dissertations

Dissertations and Theses are listed in reverse chronological order, respectively.  Click a title to open the abstract. Some links require a valid Virginia Tech PID and password to view the document. 

Year Student (Advisor) Title
2018 Mohammad Iman Mokhlespour Esfahani
(Maury Nussbaum)
Development and assessment of smart textile systems for human activity classification
2017 Saad Alabdulkarim
(Maury Nussbaum)
Assessing the relationship between injury risk and performance: the efficacy of adding adjustability and using exoskeletons in the context of a simulated drilling task
2017 Alireza Sedighi
(Maury Nussbaum)
Applications of motor variability for assessing repetitive occupational tasks
2015 Ehsan Rashedi
(Maury Nussbaum)
Localized muscle fatigue: theoretical and practical aspects in occupational environments
2014 Ralph Cullen
(Michael Agnew)
Multimodal Multitasking: The Combined Effects of Postural and Cognitive Demands on Overall Workload
2014 Marc Christian
(Maury Nussbaum)
Biomarkers of Physiological Damage and their Potential for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Assessment 
2013 Khoirul Muslim
(Maury Nussbaum)
Traditional posterior load carriage: ergonomic assessment intervention efficacy
2013 Bochen Jia
(Maury Nussbaum)
Influence of prolonged sitting and psychosocial stress on lumbar spine kinematics, kinetics, discomfort, and muscle fatigue
2013 Jose Maria Villasenor Aguilar
(Daniel Hindman)
Lateral-Torsional Buckling Instability Caused by Individuals Walking on Wood Composite I-Joists 
2013 Jung Yong Lee
(Maury Nussbaum)
Quantifying the effects of experience on motor behaviors during simulated occupational tasks
2013 Lance Saunders
(Brian Kleiner)
Measuring Safety Attitude Differences in the Construction Supply Chain
2013 Nima Toosizadeh
(Maury Nussbaum)
Time-dependent assessment of the human lumbar spine in response to flexion exposures: in vivo measurement and modeling
2013 Courtney Webster
(Maury Nussbaum)
Effects of Running Speed, Fatigue, and Bracing on Motor Control of Chronically Unstable Ankles
2012 Bradford Hendershot
(Maury Nussbaum)
Alterations and Asymmetries in Trunk Mechanics and Neuromuscular Control among Persons with Lower-Limb Amputation: Exploring Potential Pathways of Low Back Pain
2012 Justin E. Weidman
(Deborah Young-Corbett)
Dust Control Usage: Strategic Technology Interventions
2012 Leanna Horton
(Maury Nussbaum, Michael Agnew)
The Effects of Job Rotation Parameters on Localized Muscle Fatigue and Performance: An Investigation of Rotation Frequency and Task Order
2012 Lora A. Cavuoto
(Maury Nussbaum)
Evaluating obesity-related differences in upper extremity and trunk muscular capacity
2012 Somik Ghosh
(Deborah Young-Corbett)
Analysis of Communication Patterns During Construction Production Planning
2012 Sunwook Kim
(Maury Nussbaum)
Development and Evaluation of Methods to Assess Physical Exposures in the Workplace
2011 Ranjana Mehta
(Michael Agnew)
Interactive Effects of Physical and Mental Workload: A Study of Muscle Function, Capacity and Exertion Type
2011 Sara Matrangola
(Michael Madigan)
An experimental and simulation based approach toward understanding the effects of obesity on balance recovery from a postural perturbation
2010 Dennis Anderson
(Michael Madigan)
An examination of age-related differences in lower extremity joint torques and strains in the proximal femur during gait
2010 Dingding Lin
(Maury Nussbaum)
Effects of Localized Muscle Fatigue on Postural Control: Interactive Effects with Inclined Surfaces and Unexpected Loads, and Intervention Efficacy
2010 Elizabet Haro
(Brian Kleiner)
An evaluation of perceived and observed safety and productivity in residential construction
2010 Yu-Hsiu Hung
(Tonya Smith-Jackson)
How Technology Diffuses through Construction User Culture: an Innovation Design to Improve safety technology Adoption
2009 Linsey Barker
(Maury Nussbaum)
Measuring and modeling the effects of fatigue on performance: Specific application to the nursing profession
2009 Myrna Callison
(Maury Nussbaum)
Identification, Evaluation and Control of Physically Demanding Patient-Handling Tasks in an Acute Care Facility
2008 Greg Slota
(Kevin Granata, Michael Madigan)
Effects of seated whole-Body Vibration on spinal stability Control
2008 Xingda Qu
(Maury Nussbaum)
Development and Evaluation of Postural Control Models for Lifting Motions and Balance Control
2007 Bradley Scisaon
(Michael Madigan)
Experimental and simulation-based assessment of the human postural response to sagittal plane perturbations with localized muscle fatigue and aging
2007 Deborah Young-Corbett
(Maury Nussbaum)
Evaluation of Dust Control Technologies for Drywall Finishing Operations: Industry Implementation Trends, Worker Perceptions, Effectiveness and Usability
2007 Sasima Thongsamak
(Brian Kleiner)
A Cross-Cultural Examination: Effects of Reward Systems and Cultures on Low Severity Risk-Taking Behavior in Construction
2007 Sharnnia Artis
(Tonya Smith-Jackson, Brian Kleiner)
The Effects of Perceived Organizational Support on Training and Safety in Latino and Non-Latino Construction Workers
Year Student (Advisor) Title
2018 Denean Kelson
(Divya Srinivasan)
Muscle activation patterns and neck-shoulder pain in computer work
2017 Xu Duan
(Divya Srinivasan)
Influence of gender and obesity on motor performance, neuromuscular control and endurance in older adults
2014 Mathias Treff
(Michael Agnew)
An investigation of musculoskeletal imbalances in the thoracic and cervical regions, with respect to an improved diagnostic approach for upper crossed syndrome
2013 Daniel Beringer
(Michael Madigan)
An exploratory study investigating the time duration of slip-induced changes in gait
2013 Joseph Angles
(Michael Agnew)
Usability of fall arrest harnesses
2013 Justin C. Morris
(Daniel Hindman)
Analysis of anchors and bracing configurations for personal fall arrest systems in residential construction
2009 Christopher Bamberg
(Daniel Hindman)
Lateral movement of unbraced wood composite I-joist exposed to dynamic walking loads
2009 Liana Michelle Algarin
(Brian Kleiner, Kari Babski-Reeves)
Education level and a computer-based performance dashboard prototype for a major delivery company
2009 Paul Timko
(Daniel HIndman, Elisa Sotelino)
Finite element analysis of unbraced structural wood I-joists under construction loads
2008 Akshi Kakar
(Brian Kleiner, Elizabeth McNair)
Teaching analogies and metaphors to enhance communication in interdisciplinary and cross-functional groups
2008 Emiily Miller
(Michael Madigan)
Effects of obesity on balance recovery in response to small postural perturbations
2008 Michael Whitley
(Michael Madigan)
Maximum absolute and relative joint torques during recovery from a simulated trip
2007 Hangbo Zhang
(Maury Nussbaum)
Use of statistical mechanics methods to assess the effects of localized muscle fatigue on stability during upright stance
2007 Marcel Remillieux
(Ricardo Burdisso)
Aeroacoustic study of a model-scale landing gear in a semi-anechoic wind-tunnel
2007 Sourish Sarkar
(John Shewchuk)
The effect of advance demand information on a pull production system with two customer classes
2007 Yoon Suk Lee
(Tonya Smith‑Jackson)
An approach to identify effective learning outcomes for a training program