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Occupational Safety & Health Research Center

Occupational Safety & Health Research Center

Construction Workers on the roof

Construction Workers on the roof

Welcome to OSHRC

The Occupational Safety and Health Research Center (OSHRC) is devoted to discovering and disseminating innovative ways to separate humans from hazards in the occupational environment, through research and training, and focusing on applications that reduce fatalities, injuries, illnesses, and accidents.

OSHRC Research Areas

OSHRC members are involved in a broad range of Research Areas that are within diverse disciplines and/or address one or more occupational sectors. Many projects have Research-to-Practice (R2P) components.


Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Cross Sector


Industrial Hygiene, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Safety, Slips/Trips/Falls, Work Organization


New article An exploratory study comparing three work-rest schedules during simulated repetitive precision work by Sunwook Kim and Maury Nussbaum was published in Ergonomics (December 2021).

New article Effects of back-support exoskeleton use on gait performance and stability during level walking by Sunwook Kim and Maury Nussbaum was published in Gait & Posture (December 2021).

Sol Lim

Sol Lim

Dr. Sol Lim from the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering joined OSHRC as a Core Faculty member. Welcome Sol! (August 2021).

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OSHRC Director Maury Nussbaum was honored to be a recipient of the 2021 Virginia Tech Alumni Awards for Excellence in Graduate Academic Advising by Virginia Tech Alumni Association. Please read Page 15 of the award program booklet for more information (May 2021).