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Occupational Safety & Health Research Center

Construction Workers on the roof

Construction Workers on the roof

Welcome to OSHRC

The Occupational Safety and Health Research Center (OSHRC) is devoted to discovering and disseminating innovative ways to separate humans from hazards in the occupational environment, through research and training, and focusing on applications that reduce fatalities, injuries, illnesses, and accidents.


New article A pilot study investigating motor adaptations when learning to walk with a whole-body powered exoskeleton by Sunwook Kim and Maury Nussbaum was published in Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. (March 2023)

New article A passive leg-support exoskeleton adversely affects reactive balance after simulated slips and trips on a treadmill by Mike MadiganSunwook Kim and Maury Nussbaum was published in Journal of Biomechanics. (March 2023).

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Director Maury Nussbaum was the recipient of the 2022 Virginia Tech Alumni Awards for Excellence in Research. Check out the Meet the recipient page for more information. Congratulations, Maury! (May 2022).

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Maury Nussbaum

Maury Nussbaum

OSHRC Director Maury Nussbaum was one of three recipients of the 2022 Dean's Awards for Excellence in Service by Virginia Tech College of Engineering. Please visit the Dean's Awards for Excellence page on the College of Engineering website for more information (April 2022).

OSHRC Research Areas

OSHRC members are involved in a broad range of Research Areas that are within diverse disciplines and/or address one or more occupational sectors. Many projects have Research-to-Practice (R2P) components.


Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Cross Sector


Industrial Hygiene, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Safety, Slips/Trips/Falls, Work Organization